Creating a Robust Services Function

Fantastic script as usual…

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I had a time when I needed to know whether or not a service had triggers, which would mean that the StartMode could be Auto (Triggered Start) so that the service might just stop for its own reason and if I happened to have a script that looked for non-running services set to Automatic, then it would be flagged in a report. After some research, I found that I could hop into the registry and look at for the TriggerInfo folder to determine if the service actually had any triggers. If the folder exists, then it has triggers and if not…well you get the idea! SmileSNAGHTML3d8704b

If you work in PowerShell, you know that this is a simple query either through the registry provider or using some .Net types to make the remote registry connection and see if the folder exists.

But that’s not where this ends for me. While searching…

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