The current time on this computer…

After using Sinmantec Ghost to capture an image of a new IBM T400 Build, I “was” successful in my attempt to join the laptop to the domain.


When I re-booted the laptop and attempted to log into the domain, using the same Admin account that joined it to the domain, I received this error message.

“The current time on this computer and the current time on the network are different. For more information about Date/Time Properties, see Help and Support. To log on, contact your system administrator.”

At first I thought that the local time on the laptop was incorrect or possibly in the wrong time zone.

That all checked out…

After reading several posts I decided to check the BIOS time settings, which again were all correct…

I also tried removing the PC from the Domain and re-adding it.  I still received the same error.

What I did to fix our issue was as follows.

1) Log on locally with the local Administrator password

2) open cmd prompt

3) NET USE \\DCNAME /user:myname entered my password


I am now able to log into the domain with my domain account.

The entire network is in upgrade mode, so if there is an underlying issue I hope to have it resolved very soon.

ALSO NOTE! When using Sinmantec Ghost to create a Ghost image of a IBM T400 Laptop. Make sure to use the -ib when creating the image and also (was 50 /50 hit and miss here) the -ib switch when bringing the image down to a new laptop.

If you do not use those switches the MBR record gets hosed and you will have to either use a 98 boot disk to run FIXMBR, or spend a day and a half trying to work around it.

Hope this helps… (Yes Aidan I know!! <g>)

3 Responses to The current time on this computer…

  1. keeygee says:

    Thank you very much! You really saved me !

  2. Peter says:

    Thanx forked 100%

  3. Ren says:

    Great solution thanks very much.

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