RDP Tray Tool App

A good friend of mine, Claus Nielsen  http://www.xipher.dk/WordPress/ created this great little FREE app that I use daily!

Follow the steps and you will have a great little Tray App to use with RDP via a regular RDP session or a Console Logon.

You can find other tools but this app requires NO install onto the local OS, which in many companies if prohibited.  Unless you work for one of those companies where everyone is a Local Admin and can load anything they want to.  In that case you have a lot more to worry about than making RDP an easier task…

VisonApp “WAS” a free App at one time.


You can still find it at various sites but “Downloader Beware”.  I cannot guarantee the validity of any of these download sites.  NOTE * Price: Free to try (30-day trial); $99.00 to buy


An example of the servers.ini file.

; Server should be added in the following format
; Dispay Name=Servername (Or IP)
; See Example Below
— Main Server — =
Exchange =
Old DC =
New DC =
— Main PCs — =
Mary =
Ed =
Oden =
Newman =

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