Modify DNS Zone Transfer settings

We have a public DNS 2000 Server that is a Primary DNS stand alone server, which is being replaced in the near future with a 2008 Server.

It is the primary out of three others.

When I was looking at the settings, prior to bringing the 2008 server online to act as a temp secondary to replicate, I noticed that there were incorrect IPs listed in the Zone Transfers tab area.

There are well over 100 FWD lookup zones listed, so the thought of going into each one of them, one at a time, made me want to go back to dealing with the Sinmantec Ghost issues we were still fighting.

After a bit of surfing and some help from Claus. I found what I was looking for. (NOTE* I had not had to worry about this for a very long time and needed to knock the rust off my DNS notes)

C:\>dnscmd /ZoneResetSecondaries ..AllZones /SecureList

Zone ..AllZones reset notify list successful.
Command completed successfully.



This added the IPs that I listed.

NOTE! This will delete any IPs currently listed, so ensure that you do not accidentally delete a needed IP.

One Response to Modify DNS Zone Transfer settings

  1. I seem to agree with all the stuff that has been authored inside “Modify DNS Zone Transfer settings Tim Bolton – MCITP – MCTS”.
    I am grateful for all the actual details.Regards-Brian

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