RDP Tray Tool App

January 23, 2010

A good friend of mine, Claus Nielsen  http://www.xipher.dk/WordPress/ created this great little FREE app that I use daily!

Follow the steps and you will have a great little Tray App to use with RDP via a regular RDP session or a Console Logon.

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The current time on this computer…

January 23, 2010

After using Sinmantec Ghost to capture an image of a new IBM T400 Build, I “was” successful in my attempt to join the laptop to the domain.


When I re-booted the laptop and attempted to log into the domain, using the same Admin account that joined it to the domain, I received this error message.

“The current time on this computer and the current time on the network are different. For more information about Date/Time Properties, see Help and Support. To log on, contact your system administrator.”
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Modify DNS Zone Transfer settings

January 23, 2010

We have a public DNS 2000 Server that is a Primary DNS stand alone server, which is being replaced in the near future with a 2008 Server.

It is the primary out of three others.

When I was looking at the settings, prior to bringing the 2008 server online to act as a temp secondary to replicate, I noticed that there were incorrect IPs listed in the Zone Transfers tab area.

There are well over 100 FWD lookup zones listed, so the thought of going into each one of them, one at a time, made me want to go back to dealing with the Sinmantec Ghost issues we were still fighting.
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WSUS 3.0 Read Me Document PDF

January 7, 2010

This document  WSUS3.0 was created in 2006 by my friend Aidan Finn.  http://www.aidanfinn.com/ I find it has been a very valuable resource for setting up and explaining WSUS to clients.  It is a great reference tool and a must read for WSUS.

Thank you Aidan..!